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What is bedlam?

Good day out


Really recommend, great way to spend a birthday!

Great day out!

Amazing and I will definitely be back.


Great day out :) but the smoke bombs were a disappointment :(

Excellent day at Bedlam Paintball, Edinburgh on 11/04/14 with 1st Galashiels BB\'s. Friendly staff and lots of running about. Definately recommend as a day out with a youth group.

was a smashing day

good day out!

Great day was had by all, staff good and site manager very helpful !!

Awesome day out :)

Very, very good and very friendly organisers

Amazing day!! will be returning soon!

brilliant day out!

Great day. Good conditions and the staff were funny.

Good day out with the guys.




We had a great day apart from the rain. Staff were all a good help. Well organised. Highly Reccommended.

it was so much fun when we got to the site some of my mates where a bit shaken since it was there first time after are safety talk we met are team leader and soon headed out to are first game are leader had told us his team has been losing every week every game so i was determined to win in when the game began i saw the flag on the other side and just ran in my body freezing since the rain made the trench knee deep so i was socked but once i got the flag and won the first game the cold was nothing in rest of the games it was just no stop and the team leader was so cool he kept saying how i was such a great player since i did so much i got the case flag held the base and the game winning kills so i felt so happy it was once of my best days out ever

best day ever!!!!!!!

the group had an amazing day :)

had an awesome time cant wait til spring to go again


had a great day

Great day!

great "maps" and staff

it\'s not safe ohmygod, and yous dont even own the woods so we have to be careful of the dog walkers.. im pretty sure thats illegal

Great fun. Marshalls were friendly and did their best to keep a few idiots from another group in check. Site was good and the scenarios were well laid out. Been to 3 Bedlam sites over the years and I\'ve enjoyed every visit.

Great day out at the Bedlam nr Glasgow. Great Marshalls and well constructed games. Gets a wee bit expensive when you are trigger happy but a good day out all in all.

Had a very enjoyable day with a good variety of game modes. Some of the arenas could be a little but more creative than just random barrels dumped everywhere but didn\'t alter enjoyment. Also, paint balls are far too expensive.

totally different experience with no groundcover to hide in or trees - but lots of man made objects to hide behind and very symetrical battle grounds. Had some trouble hearing the marshalls describing the games, but had great fun

Super day out.

great fun

Guns were a bit dodgy. other than that GREAT fun

Paintballing with a trigger happy 12 year was worth it!!!

Good facilities, But really pricey supplies and the smoke grenades were unusable due to there really short fuses. That aside a really great experience and would definitely go again!

Great day out!

super fun really recommend to anyone and will certainly come back again

Had a great day out, good fun with loads of friends!

Great day out for a group of manic boys. Well run event with excellent discipline on safety but with the right attitude to make it a competitive but fun day out.

Great day out!

Had an awesome day for Team Samantha Buchan\'s birthday, would definitely come back!

it was fun ...

10 of us went on a Sunday in torrential rain and we had the best time! Staff were really great, helpful and just wanted us to have a good time. Good prices and well worth the money.


Amazing day, it was great to shoot my friends for 6 hours and bruise them all up.

Great fun and good day out.

excellent fun day out

Great day. Would recommend


Had a great day, the guys were very fun and made the experiance even better!

Great day out and not as painful as people make it out to be. The team were fantastic and we are planning our next day at Bedlam Glasgow.

Great day for everyone involved! Came home bruised and knackered but would do it again in a heartbeat!

Bedlam paintball was loads of fun I had a great time there, the staff were great and very helpful, I would definitely go back again.

A wide range of courses to get involved in really enjoyed my time here

Great fun but VERY expensive! Cost\'s not really made clear when buying "tickets" which are effectively worthless. Would be better just selling big batches of paintballs in advance as entry.

absolutly fantastic day ,had lots of fun throughout the day generally a good day out

good fun on the day well looked after but hard to find lol

Great day good fun! Just a little expensive for paint refills and the lunch food isnt good!

really good fun, i like it

hi, we all had a good day on sun28th of july.
was looking for the tipton photo.

about the day , a bit of a problem with people shooting the kids in our group when they were in the safe zones it has put 2 of the kids off from going agian.

you need to enforce the surrender rule more strongly

It was fun.

Incredibly fun day
Staff were brilliant!
One criticism: There was not a single signpost to direct us to the site (Newbury)...We drove past the turning 4 times before we tried it. It is just ridiculous not to have signs!