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Gone are the days of basic indoor laser tag, with our technology and expertise we have created an outdoor laser tag experience out of this world. Outdoor lasertag is a  state-of-the-art team game using infra-red light called laser tag equipment. When asked "What is Lasertag" we describe it as an all action, zero impact, action game played outside in the fresh air by all ages from 8 upwards. If you play the XBox, PLAYSTATION you will love this. As popular video games such as Halo 2, Call of Duty, Quake and Counter strike can now be played for real.

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A game consists of two teams of players and each is set an objective. Players are "tagged" when "shot" by a beam of light. 

These beams are shot from high tech, easy to use equipment that is held by each player. Sensors on each player pick up the beam of light that is shot from the other team and if these are hit the player loses "life force". In some games you can respawn or call for medic.

The laser-guns use a harmless infra-red beam, similar to a TV remote that tags sensors worn by each player The Taggers we use is called the Predator which has realistic sound effects with real scopes to help line up your targets.There is no impact with Laser Tag. Laser tag is fast and furious, but above all it's fun.There is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, No masks, no protective gear needed. We recommend each player to wear suitable clothing that is appropriate for the weather, long trousers,and full covered sturdy footwear, no crocs or backless or toe-less shoes

Laser tag attracts a much broader market as there is no bruising, unlike paintball, where all sexes enjoy the game.

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The young and mid-teens market are extremely keen on combat games having been brought up on computer games such as Counter-Strike and other similar games. It is also ideal for Corporate Team Building days. Even Scout groups can use the product.

The Scout Association rules state:

Rule 43.9 Paintball Games. Members of the Movement may not take part in the activity known as 'Paintball' (or any similar activity). Paintball games may not take place on property owned or leased by, or used in the name of, the Scout Movement.
Rule 43.9A Laser Games. Laser Games remain an optional Scouting activity without age limit with the knowledge of parents.

There are sensors on the laser guns and on the front and the back of the headband. Each time the sensor is hit, the gun will register it.Laser Tag is booked in sessions, and we run 2 hour sessions, 7 days a week at our venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow. You could be running around in the woods manically trying to find the flag or you could be attacking or defending our awesome Black Fortress, or clear out the haunted church. Bedlam's Laser Tag venues have many different and exciting game zones which no other Lasertag center can offer.

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