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Your Day

Your Day’s Paintball Itinerary

09:00 Arrive on site, get your group together and our site Manager will meet and greet you all.
09:15 Check-in, sign registration form and get issued your hopper, mask and overalls and enter safety compound where you can use site shop for any more paintballs, pyrotechnics, drinks or sweets and order your group's lunch.
09:40 The Manager will introduce your Team Marshals and give you a full and detailed safety brief after which you will be split into teams. Your marshals will then issue your pre-ordered packages and check that you’re happy with safety and package. After this, the Marshal will brief your first game.
10:15 Enter the marker Station and get given your marker for the first game. You’re then given the chance to test your marker and check your aim at the firing range before heading to your first game zone.

Enter the first Game Zone, where your Team Marshals will re-brief you on the game objectives, strategy and give useful hints and tips. This will then be repeated for each game. You will return to the safety compound between each game allowing you to get more paintballs and pyrotechnics.

Here are a few example Game Zones you may play at your chosen site:

     StageCoach Stand-off
     The Village
     The Crypt
     Bedlam Express

13:00 Have a break for lunch on-site. The site team will issue lunch to those who have purchased it beforehand. Take time to relax, talk to friends and enjoy your lunch and have a drink, before starting the afternoon session. After lunch, each team will get their team picture taken which you'll be able to download from our facebook page in the following couple of days.

Your Team Marshals will again brief you on the objectives and best tactics to complete the next Game Zones.

Here are a few more example Game Zones you may play at your chosen site:

     Dr Who
     The Black Fortress
     D-Day Landings

16:00 Drop off gear before the team results are given at the awards ceremony. Finish off your day with a farewell from the site manager.

Please note: these times will vary based on team size and also any pre-arranged additions to your day, like extra games time or any other special requirements