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Your safety is our priority

With our 100% paintballing safety record, Bedlam operates the safest and most professional paintball facilities in the UK. We take our responsibilities seriously, and carefully maintain our sites and equipment to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Upon arrival at a Bedlam site, your group will be assigned a designated team leader who will conduct a thorough paintballing safety briefing and demonstrate correct usage of all equipment.

Paintball Hopper

Paintballing Safety and Equipment

To make your day as safe as possible, we have divided each of our venues into clearly laid out Safety Zones and Game Zones. Your on-site Safety Marshall will explain on arrival exactly what is and is not allowed in each zone - for instance, paintball marker guns are not allowed in Safety Zones, and protective masks must be worn at all times in Game Zones.

All paintballing equipment and protective gear provided at Bedlam is of the highest standard, from the Tippmann 98 custom marker guns to the JT full head protection masks.  We regularly clean and maintain the equipment to ensure precision and operability.
For extra peace of mind, all our sites are insured for £5 million public liability – few other providers carry this level of insurance.

For more information on keeping safe while playing paintball visit the Bedlam Paintball blog.