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Bedlam's first-class paintballing facilities are what set us apart from all our competitors.  Set in secluded woodland areas - which adds to the atmosphere of the games - our sites are custom-built to make your paintball experience as streamlined, fun and exciting as possible, for the ultimate day out.   

top of the range facilties

With over 20 years experience in paintballing, we know how to make your day perfect.  From the moment you step through the gates, our fully trained staff are on hand to make sure your day goes smoothly.  Our modern huts house a variety of facilities, including:

  • Male and female changing rooms
  • Team huts equipped with benches and whiteboards (for discussing game scenarios and plotting strategy)
  • Shop selling additional reloaders of paintballs, snacks and Bedlam merchandise
  • Equipment store, where you can pick up your marker gun and all protective clothing
  • Picnic tables, where a 2-course hot lunch can be served  


Team huts

Bedlam is also renowned for its imaginative, realistic paintball Game Zones.  Each one has been specifically designed and built to evoke one of our highly developed game scenarios.  Surrounded by high safety walls, each Game Zone is a world unto itself – a movie set transported into real life, waiting for the paintball action to begin…