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Whatever paintball package you choose, Bedlam provides all the safety and paintballing equipment you’ll need.  As paintball industry leaders, we take pride in supplying top-of-the line equipment designed to maximise your paintball experience - including the latest paintball marker guns from top brand Tippmann. 

Your paintballing equipment will include:

  • Tippmann 98 Custom Marker Gun


  • Bedlam Protective Suit (Professionally Cleaned For Freshness)

  • Tippmann Mask

To add an extra dose of realism and excitement to your game, you can also add Exploding Paint Grenades, Smoke Bombs and for Under 18's BT Paint Grenades:

  • Mystifiers (Smoke Bombs)

  • Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are the world standard by which the bench mark is set; in the commercial world no other product comes close. Pull the ring sideways and our unique igniter will kick start the smoke grenade into a beautiful plume of red smoke. Our labelling is designed to be easy to read and the product is super easy to use; in Europe this smoke product is classed as a P1 pyrotechnic product which means you need no formal training to use it; you can use it off the shelf…easy.
  • Saturators (Paintball Grenades - BT Grenade - right hand picture - a NON-PYROTECHNIC Suitable for Under 18's)


A Bedlam team leader will be on hand throughout your day to demonstrate how to use all paintballing equipment safely and effectively. You will be given the chance to warm up and practice on our target range before entering a paintball game scenario