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GAME Bedlam



GAME Bedlam is a fantastic discounted schools package, specifically designed for large groups of players aged 12-17.

Perfect for school groupsGAME Bedlam offers a challenging and exciting activity that improves players' communication, trust and leadership skills.

Safety always comes first with Bedlam, and players are fully protected with 360-degree head protection.

Game Bedlam is only available to play between Monday and Friday.

GAME Bedlam Weekday includes:

    You will be the only group on the site at that time.
  • 5 exciting game scenarios

    400 paintballs per player. Paintballs are rationed at 80 pellets per game



  • Equipment hire including -
  • Dry-cleaned, individually poly-wrapped jumpsuit
    JT Flex-8 360 degrees protection mask JT Flex-8 Full Head Protection Helmet
    Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker with a hopper
  • Designated team leader to brief players on safety, equipment use, and game play
  • Full Public Insurance cover
    (£5 million public liability)
  • BONUS Team Photograph
    *Photo can be downloaded from our Facebook page within 3 working days


Safety at Bedlam

Bedlam is Scotland's most professional paintball company, offering unrivalled facilities, imaginative game scenarios, and an impeccable safety record. At Bedlam, you can relax and enjoy the day comfortably, knowing your safety and enjoyment are our foremost concerns. For more information, please see the information on our safety policies.


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