Money Back Guarantee

Buy with Confidence and get Happiness Guaranteed:

We believe in our product. In fact, we're so confident our product will fit your needs perfectly that we're offering you a money back guarantee, and if you don't fall in love with us, we'll give you your game fee back.

We are the first paintball company in the UK to offer such a guarantee and we do so because we believe in our product based on the Customer Feedback we recieve. 

We have introduced this as we have had numerous customer get in touch over the years and about how they have found cheaper deals but when they got there the product was not what they expected or that they needed a lot more paintballs than the site told them. So we have brought this policy in to give you confidence that you are getting the best paintball product possible and therefore we are more than happy to refund you if it is not what you expected no questions asked. All we'll charge you for are any products used. Love us, or get your money back.

On top of this we also offer a Price Match Policy .

How Does It Work?

Customers must claim their refund before the start of the 2nd game on the site as by this point you will have been able to judge our product. We will only offer refunds for people who have purchased directly from us. Please note that all paintballs and products are excluded from guarantee. Each player must complete a claim form to get their money back.