Laser Tag Equipment

Predator Laser Tagger

The Predator is made of dense machined aluminum that features a red dot scope, adjustable stock, and can be fashioned with all of your favorite accessories. This is the "Middle Weight" of the different models. Easily wielded by all ages, this one is favored for the quickness in which it may be manipulated in the field (from Assault to Sub-Machine etc.).

  • Approx. 600 Feet Effective Daylight Range
  • 25mm Lens
  • Unlimited Configurations (Scope, Stock, Weaver Rails Optional)
  • Add your own Clips, handles, lights, and scopes to create the ultimate assault tagger!
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 5.25 Pounds loaded/3 pounds bare (Great for younger players)
  • Signature Clam Shell Design
  • Machined Billet Aluminum, Anodized to one of 8 colors you choose


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