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Toxic Waste

An anonymous tip has led you and your associates to this spot. Deep in the dank recesses of the forest, barrels have been dumped illegally. Their contents: a toxic blend of industrial chemicals and biomedical waste, removed from a top-secret research facility in dead of night.

Your team: a scrappy mix of enviro-crusaders and political vigilantes, ready to take on the corrupt establishment by any means necessary – whether aboveboard or otherwise.

This discovery has the potential to blow the crooks in question clear out of the water. If you can capture and document the waste dump, it'll be all the evidence your group needs to go the papers and the courts and have these lawbreakers shut down.

But the bosses are not so smug as to leave their crimes unguarded; the barrels are not unattended. Before you can grasp the situation, your team is under heavy fire, and suddenly you're fighting not just for your ideals, but also for your lives...

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