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Game Zones

Entering Bedlam's unique, custom-built paintball Game Zones is like entering a scene from a movie, in which you are both director and star. Unleash your imagination and lose yourself in the paintballing action as you plan strategy and work with your team to reach your target location.

Each Game Zone represents a detailed, realistic game scenario centred around a loose storyline and a goal. From thrilling fantasy adventures to slick spy intrigues, our creative Game Zones set the scene and plunge you into a world far removed from your everyday experience.

Our numerous game scenarios ensure your paintball experience is endlessly varied. Every individual session is different, allowing you to reinvent your strategy and gameplay every time. Read through the scenarios below for a taste of the excitement awaiting you on Bedlam's paintballing sites...

  • Enter The Black Fortress at your own risk – this solitary tower sits alone, deep in the heart of the forest, and conceals something sinister within.



  • It’s the day of the D-Day landings, and you and your team are about to venture ashore to storm the enemy lines.



  • Barrels full of toxic waste have been dumped illegally in the forest. Your mission? Defeat the crooks and take over the waste dump.


  • Your team discovers two burnt-out buses that are vital to your survival – but you must fight the enemy in a ‘stagecoach standoff’ to take control.



  • Deep in the forest lives a lawless society that refuses to acknowledge defeat. Enter ‘The Village’ at your own risk – but beware of the danger lurking there.


  • Rogue soldiers are holding a busload of tourists hostage in an old wooden tower, deep in the heart of the jungle. You must rescue them without endangering the captives’ lives.



  • Ungodly evil powers lurk deep within the crypt. But you and your team must forge ahead, despite the high possibility of a supernatural attack.



  • Time is running out for your anti-terrorist team - a football stadium full of civilians is under threat from a bomb attack. You must remove the device before it's too late.

  • A rogue battalion is holed up in a fort with valuable supplies for the coming winter. Your squadron must root them out and recapture the provisions for the surrounding villages.

  • You and your team of secret agents are racing to capture a potent chemical weapon that threatens to destroy civilisation. But beware - the enemy may be closer to your own base than you think.

  • Dr. Who needs to get back to his Tardis - but his path has been blocked by evil Daleks and Cybermen who are out to destroy him. You and your people must help him complete his mission.

  • In the speedball field, staying still isn't an option. You must use your speed and stealth to quickly move across the field towards your opposition's base.

  • As aid workers, you must secure supplies for the starving villagers in your care. A plane has dropped off parcels of food and medicine - but you're not the only ones seeking to claim them.

  • You and your team are under instruction to escort a VIP back to the safety of the base – but unfortunately this individual’s high profile has attracted some unwanted attention.

  • Hostile forces have kidnapped a member of your team in the night and are holding them in a crumbling old fort. Your friend is relying on you to sneak into the fort and rescue them.

  • The woods are quiet, almost unnaturally still as you and your team silently edge your way toward the train tracks. A single noise could give the game away, and this mission is far too important to risk any mishaps.

Dr. Who Game Zone in action:

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