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Student Paintball

An AWESOME £45 Deal

500 paintballs per person

BONUS Book 10 players or more get a Free 9" Domino's Pizza Worth £11  

We love students at Bedlam Paintball and they love Bedlam Paintball. Student Painball at Bedlam is the most fun paintball package in the country for students.

You see we know that students love a discount, that's why we give them an exclusive student discount on one of our top paintball packages.

Not only do they get a day pass to a Bedlam Paintball venue near them. But they also get all their equipment hire, including the latest Tippman paintball marker, a professionally drycleaned painball jumpsuit plus a FREE team photo.

They also get a £10 discount on our Absolute Bedlam paintball package – an exclusive for students.

On top of that, bring along 10 or more (Come on, getting 10 students together should be EASY! Students know hundreds of people! Just invite your society or your club or even just your flatmates)... where were we... oh yes,.... Invite just 10 or more people and we'll throw in a 9” Dominoes people, delivered to the venue piping hot. It's worth £11 but we'll give you it for free, absolutely for nothing. And if there's something students love more than a discount it something for free.

So go on, click on the big green button on the right or give us a call on 08453 707571 and we'll get your student places reserved.