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About Bedlam Paintball

Bedlam Paintball is the UK’s foremost paintball company, with premier paintball venues in the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee areas, as well as affiliate paintballing sites across the UK.

Bedlam is renowned for its realistic, purpose-built paintball Game Zones and imaginative game scenarios that transport you into another world – a film-like paintballing scenario in which you are both director and star.

At Bedlam you’re assured of first-class facilities, friendly, enthusiastic staff, and a 100% safety record.

What Can I Expect at Bedlam Paintball?

Paintball is far more than running about shooting at your mates – it’s about tactics, planning, strategy, and teamwork.

Each paintball game scenario centres around an objective, which your team leader will explain and offer tips on how to achieve.  Paintball is not about brute force – it takes effective communication, skill and cooperation to succeed.

More than anything, Bedlam Paintball offers an intense, exhilarating escape from everyday life.  And once you've tried Bedlam Paintball, you'll never go back to another paintball site – there’s simply no comparison.

Give us a call on 0844 247 3271 or drop us a message at info@bedlam.co.uk for more information.